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Make Play a Priority This Summer

Summer camps, sports practices, music lessons and maybe a road trip or two. Is your family’s summer schedule getting crowded? It’s a good time to remember to carve out time for good old-fashioned play – getting dirty, goofing off and making up your own rules.

6 Questions with Dr. Nathan, Jenny & Nchare Chomilo

For about a year now, two-year old Nchare and his parents – Dr. Nathan and Jenny Chomilo – have been members of Minnesota Children’s Museum. We were excited to hear from this family of medical professionals about their experience as museum members and what play means to them. We recently asked them some questions and we love their answers.

5 Activities to Try While Stuck Inside

Some days are too cold, snowy or rainy to go outside. So, we’ve compiled a variety of fun, easy activities your kids can do while you ride out the weather from safe and snug inside. These activities will not only keep your kids entertained, but they’ll also build...

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