Get Ready for Something New: The Studio Gets a Makeover

If you’ve been to the museum recently, you may have noticed a new open floorplan in The Studio. We’ve removed the center island, the first of many changes to give the gallery a new look and feel.

Beginning April 15, The Studio will close for six to eight weeks as we repaint and reimagine the gallery to make it even better for all the makers, tinkerers and artists who venture into the space.

Large worktables will be replaced with smaller seating areas that encourage group interactions. We’re also adding a counter that will be a fun workspace and a great spot for special programming. The area near the mosaic window will be transformed into a cozy reading nook for visitors who need a little break.

With these updates, The Studio will be an even better space for expressing your creativity and exploring interesting materials. The painting area will remain, and we’ll continue to bring new experiences to the gallery every few months, just like we do now.

Excuse our dust while we create this new and improved version of The Studio. And if you’re really missing The Studio during your next visit, be sure to head over to The Landing on the fourth floor, where we’ll temporarily provide an art and maker activity.

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