Time Capsule

Kids can preserve a bit of their present for their future selves by creating a time capsule.

What You’ll Need:

  • Shoebox, metal lunchbox or storage bin
  • Markers, stickers and anything else for decorating
  • A letter to their future selves — include grade in school, friends names, favorite hobbies, songs and more
  • Trace their hand on a piece of paper
  • Pictures (school picture, family photo, etc.)
  • Piece of artwork they created
  • A toy they’re ok parting with
  • A newspaper clipping (or print one from online)
  • Any other momentos

What You’ll Do:

Step 1. Create and gather mementos for the capsule.
Step 2. Place mementos in the container.
Step 3. Decorate the outside of the container and write the date it can be opened (typically years from now).
Step 4. Put it in a safe place. This could be inside the house or buried outside.
Step 5. Now wait until the date arrives (no peeking!).

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