Play with Possibilities

A place to

Where kids lead the way and dream up their own adventures.
Where stories soar and ideas roam free.
Where “Look at this!” moments and “I did it!” milestones happen every day.
Where children improvise, innovate and stretch their minds

About Minnesota Children’s Museum

Minnesota Children’s Museum sparks children’s learning through play.

The museum features kid-powered play spaces where families have fun together and children take the lead. Through interactive exhibits and programs, the museum provides open-ended, self-directed experiences that give kids (and adults!) the space and freedom to explore their interests, solve problems and build life skills like confidence, critical and creative thinking, communication and more.

The museum in St. Paul features 10 permanent exhibits including a four-story climber with spiral slide, laser maze, car wash, ball launchers, maker space, pretend town, and a gallery for toddlers and pre-schoolers. There’s also a traveling exhibits gallery that features a new experience every few months.

Minnesota Children’s Museum is a leading producer of hands-on rental exhibits for children’s museums and discovery centers.

Inspiring More Play

Play is powerful and universal. It’s an innate impulse in kids that helps them thrive and grow into healthy, happy adults.

Yet, pressures on play — like screen time, adult-led academic activities, safety worries and busy family schedules — continue to decrease the amount of time kids spend playing.

Through play, kids learn how to learn, build relationships with others, and develop life skills that set them up for future success. Equally important, when kids play, they have fun, which leads to joy and happiness. Play is not frivolous, it’s essential.

That’s why we’re setting out to inspire more play and providing resources for parents to support their child’s playful learning.

Our Mission

  • Sparking children’s learning through play

Our Vision

  • Kids play more. Adults do, too. All families thrive in a happier, healthier and more innovative community through the radiant power of play.

Our Core Beliefs

  • Play builds brains and nurtures the skills children need to thrive.
  • Children deserve the time, space and freedom to play.
  • Equitable access to playful learning advances children’s healthy development.
  • Parents serve as critical partners in their child’s lifelong learning.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Minnesota Children’s Museum believes play is powerful and universal, uniting people across cultures, backgrounds and beliefs.

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Ally to Families

Minnesota Children’s Museum believes play is powerful and universal, uniting people across cultures, backgrounds and beliefs.

All families are welcome and encouraged to experience the power of play at the museum.

Our All Play program provides discounted tickets and membership to income-qualified families, helping make the museum accessible to everyone.

Revive: Strategic Plan

The Board of Directors approved a three-year strategic plan in June 2021. The plan includes four community impact goals.

  • Children develop lifelong skills through open-ended, self-directed play​
  • Parents value and enhance their children’s playful learning in the museum and beyond​
  • Families flourish from equitable opportunities for playful learning​
  • Our community grows more inclusive as families play together and learn from each other​

Mission-Focused Nonprofit

As a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit community organization, Minnesota Children’s Museum relies on the donations of individuals, corporations and foundations to continue to provide one-of-a-kind experiences and education for children.

Learn more about supporting the museum through a contribution or volunteering.

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