Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Minnesota Children’s Museum believes play is powerful and universal, uniting people across cultures, backgrounds and beliefs.

We value diversity. We appreciate all people and embrace the similarities and differences that arise through race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, language, religion, mental and physical ability, nation of origin and citizenship status.

We know that because the racial and ethnic makeup of our region is changing, we must continue to attract and delight diverse audiences. Success in doing so is crucial to our long-term sustainability.

We strive to attract and retain staff members, board members, volunteers and partners who reflect our community. We support them in living our diversity, inclusion and equity values.

We value inclusion. We are welcoming and inclusive in our physical spaces – and through all we do and say. We foster environments in which everyone may fully participate in museum experiences because they feel respected, supported and valued.

We create opportunities for new and varied voices to collaborate with us in providing experiences that reflect and engage the diverse cultures and affinity groups in our community. We believe that our society grows more inclusive as families play together and learn from each other. We create community connections by bringing people together through the universal appeal of play.

Given the reality that a history of exclusion and unfair treatment exists broadly in our community, our values compel us to be intentionally inclusive and welcoming of indigenous people and people of color. We are allies to marginalized groups.

We value equity. We provide opportunities that help people facing disparities achieve their full potential.

We choose to put extra effort toward achieving equitable outcomes for members of racial and ethnic groups. We do this because people of color and indigenous people in Minnesota experience levels of socioeconomic, legal and educational inequality that are among the worst in the nation.

We provide steeply discounted All Play tickets and memberships to lower-income families and invest in other initiatives to ensure that families of color and indigenous people living in poverty fully benefit from playful learning opportunities.

We strive to live our values every day. However, we acknowledge that we are human and therefore not perfect. We seek input and promise to listen and accept when we fall short of our goals and commitments. We promise to demonstrate an honest and open effort to learn, understand and improve.

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