Why does Minnesota Children’s Museum talk about the serious and challenging topics of racism and racial inequities? Shouldn’t we just “stay in our lane” as a place for family fun?

Bob Ingrassia, the museum’s vice president of external relations, tackled these questions in the latest issue of Hand to Hand, a newsletter published by the Association of Children’s Museums (ACM) that reaches 470 museums in 50 states and 16 countries.

The short answer: Working toward racial justice is core to the museum’s mission and vision.

The organization’s strategic plan calls for us to “champion children’s healthy development.” We know there is no way to meaningfully advocate the wellbeing of kids without acknowledging and addressing racial inequities that harm children in Minnesota.

So, yes, a children’s museum that speaks forcefully about racism – particularly its negative effects on children – and works toward a more just future is absolutely staying in its lane.

Read the full essay on the ACM site.

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