Spreading Joy


Integrated Communication Intern

After several months of remodeling and making the museum bigger, better, and bolder for our visitors we are thrilled to bring back joy and play time to our families. Not only are we strong advocates of play but we also believe spreading joy has equal value. The museum believes giving children options and freedom to explore through guided-play encourages them to find pleasure in learning.

There are a few ways we instill joy at the museum–first, by nurturing our curious learners. There are no limits to what they are able to create or imagine, whether that be an art project in our makers space—The Studio— or delivering packages in Our World! By giving children ownership of learning their motivation is reinforced and made enjoyable! The environment we have created at the museum brings joy to all our visitors and staff.

Spreading joy plays a very important role in developing a healthy community–it impacts our community by contributing positivity and helps teach children the value of giving something without immediate return. When people spread joy they create pureness and an understanding that it’s important to give what you want to receive in the future. Joy is universal and not bound by any language which makes it unique and able to spread rapidly with ease. Play, laughter, and joy, are what fuels the soul, both as an adult and especially as a child. We take pride in spreading joy in our community and museum to help children build confidence. By spreading joy with their peers a child is able to grow into their best self.

I want to encourage parents and guardians in continuing to carry the message of spreading joy to their communities, families, and peers. A few easy and effective ways to do so is listening, giving, and complimenting. Who doesn’t enjoy a heart-felt compliment, whether it be on a sincere smile or honorable action. Listening is one of the most important skills to teach and develop and even as an adult it is at times hard to maintain. By listening you are making the other person not only feel heard but you are letting them know what they have to say is important. Lastly–giving–by giving or donating to others children are taught value and what it means to be fortunate. Giving doesn’t have to be material by any means! Giving time is just as treasured.

Be sure to continue inserting positivity, kindness, and joy in your communities and help your child become their best self!

Daniela is an Integrated Communication Intern with experience in childcare. She is a recent graduate from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Political Science.

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