What’s the code of conduct at the museum?

Minnesota Children’s Museum is our community’s place to play. We welcome and serve all families in an inclusive and safe environment. To ensure all visitors have a great experience, we expect our staff, volunteers and visitors to act responsibly and be considerate of others as we share this space.

We ask everyone to adhere to the following guidelines:
• Children must be accompanied and supervised at all times by an adult
• Food and beverages are allowed in designated locations and prohibited in gallery spaces
• Do not leave valuable items unattended. The museum is not responsible for lost or stolen items
• Use museum props and supplies respectfully. Share materials and spaces so all may play
• Museum staff and volunteers are here to help and should be contacted immediately for any questions, needs or concerns

Inappropriate, threatening or abusive behavior will not be tolerated at Minnesota Children’s Museum and may be deemed grounds for expulsion from the museum. Members may have their membership privileges revoked.

These cases include but aren’t limited to:
• Criminal behavior
• Physical actions that are harmful to and or endanger others
• Using foul, threatening or abusive language
• Disorderly conduct
• Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol
• Weapons of any type or objects deemed dangerous are prohibited
• Failure to follow instructions from museum staff

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