Get Daring in The Scramble


Vice President External Relations

When the St. Paul museum re-opens in June, you’re going to notice The Scramble.

It will be impossible to miss this four-story climbing adventure, which will occupy the shiny new addition to the front of our building.

See how high up those construction workers are? The top of The Scramble will be even higher! Kids and adults will test their confidence as they venture onto a see-through net that will be at roughly the height of those workers’ helmets.

The most daring kids and adults will step out onto a netted catwalk suspended more than 40 feet above the floor. Wait until you see the views!

Children entering The Scramble will activate their brains and brawn. They’ll use their bodies to solve problems and tackle challenges as they plan their routes and make their way through the experience.

Kids will also learn to take responsible risks as they build confidence and develop endurance, balance and motor skills.

The new structure along West Seventh Street is made of glass, steel and concrete. It will house The Scramble, a four-story climbing adventure.

The Scramble is recommended for children 5 and up. The exhibit also includes a separate Tot Spot with a ramp, webbed walking challenges and other components for younger children.

We designed The Scramble with parents and other adult visitors in mind. There are stairs and platforms in the experience that allow adults to ascend alongside kids who are taking a more challenging route.

You can expect to hear “Again! Again!” when a child scrambles into The Scramble.

Here’s a construction drawing showing the main structural components of The Scramble. This will be a 50-foot high climbing adventure with towers, slides and catwalks made of netting.

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