Dimensions of Play

Play is a big deal here at Minnesota Children’s Museum.

The museum’s No. 1 mission is to spark children’s learning through play. We hope to see kids (and adults) play more.

We believe our entire community benefits when children get the time, space and freedom to play. But what kind of play are we talking about?

The short answer is “powerful play.” Here’s what that means:

Powerful play is…

  • Captivating and fun – Kids are focused and having a good time
  • Active and challenging – Kids are moving and thinking
  • Self-directed and open-ended – Kids are taking the lead and exploring freely

This blog explores the many dimensions of powerful play.

Museum Members Save on Summer Travel

Here’s a money-saving hack for you: Use a Minnesota Children’s Museum membership to waltz into must-see family attractions for half-price or even free.

Playful Mindset Turns Chore Time into Play TIme

There’s no way around it: There are always chores to do and errands to run.
Those responsibilities don’t have to be a drag on an otherwise lovely day. What if, instead, they became a way to engage with kids and have some playful time together?

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