Big Blocks in Creativity Jam are a “Blockbuster” Hit

Kids and adults alike are having a blast with the colorful big blocks in Creativity Jam, making this new experience one of the biggest hits since the museum reopened Aug. 1.

The blocks, called EverBlocks, are large plastic blocks that offer unlimited possibilities for creative play.

We asked Exhibit Developer Michelle Blodgett to share more about this popular addition to the museum.

Why did you choose to create the Big Blocks experience?

Blocks offer truly open-ended play for children – and adults – to create unlimited possibilities. When searching for the right experience, we found and liked that EverBlocks were large scale and durable allowing us to go big with block play. That means visitors could actually go inside the structures they create and spark imagination in a new, fun way.

Where are they located in the museum?

The blocks are located in the large open area of Creativity Jam in the Target Gallery. This gallery is one of my favorite areas because it’s a revolving space where children of all ages can participate, create, and solve problems by manipulating materials. A lot of people associate blocks with mathematics and science. However, blocks encourage the development of so many skills, from creative and critical thinking as well as communication and collaboration.

What types of creations are you seeing?

Every day we admire some amazing creations! The most popular things are houses, but they are all different. The houses come in a variety of shapes with some including furniture, doors and even a brick floor. We have also seen a robot, which was quite impressive.

How do they fit in with the new safety precautions?

The blocks are made of hard smooth plastic, which make them very easy to wipe down. Museum staff clean them throughout the day and the blocks are disinfected every night. In addition to multiple hand sanitizer stations throughout the area, we have also set up Big block work zones to help visitors spread out while constructing and moving around.

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