How to Have a Safe and Healthy COVID-Friendly Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching. But, with COVID-19 cases on the rise, the CDC is recommending against traditional trick or treating and costume parties this year. 

Don’t fret! It doesn’t mean your Halloween fun is dead on arrival. There are still plenty of ways your family can enjoy this frightful holiday while still staying safe and healthy. 

We’ve put together a list of some lower-risk activities that the whole family can join in on to celebrate this Halloween.

  1. Carve or paint pumpkins, either inside with your immediate family or outdoors at a safe distance from friends.
  2. Decorate your home with Halloween-themed decorations. Let the kids get in on the fun by having them draw the scariest decoration they can imagine.
  3. Create a Halloween scavenger hunt for kids to do as you take a family walk through your neighborhood.
  4. Show off those costumes by hosting a virtual costume contest or spooky dance-off with friends and family.
  5. Plan a Halloween-themed movie marathon. Each child gets to select a movie and coordinating snacks.
  6. Challenge your kids to come up with the most creative costume they can using only things found around the house.
  7. Turn off the lights and have your child tell you spooky ghost stories in the dark while they shine a flashlight on their face.
  8. Wear costumes during a routine trip to the grocery store, coffee shop or play time at Minnesota Children’s Museum.
  9. Coordinate with neighbors to have an outdoor costume parade around the block. Just be sure everyone is wearing masks and stays a safe distance apart. 

While Halloween is shaping up to look much different this year, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have just as much fun. Let kids use the power of play to reimagine what this Halloween season looks like. And who knows? Maybe you’ll find a new family Halloween tradition in the making! 

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