Musical Playground to Open in Creativity Jam

A new experience is opening in Creativity Jam in the Target Gallery that allows visitors to quite literally jam with family, friends and other visitors.

Taking the place of the sticker room is a musical playground featuring five large percussion instruments. Instruments should be in place and ready for play Wednesday, April 25.

This dynamic, collaborative experience empowers visitors to explore music and sound together. Visitors use their hands or mallets to produce sound on instruments such as:

  • Tubular BellsBig, bold bells that produce outstanding resonance and deep tones you can feel as well as hear.
  • Bell Lyre – Eight graduated stainless-steel bells create their own unique sound. Smaller bells at the top of the structure make gentle tones while the larger bottom bells create deeper sounds.
  • Babel Drums Circular stainless steel drums that are played with the hands and generate warm, mellow tones.
  • Harmony – Eleven thick aluminum tubes arranged lengthwise produce melodic sounds. This instrument is based on a traditional Vietnamese bamboo xylophone called a T’rung.
  • Cajon drums – Easy-to-play drums inspired by traditional Cuban/Peruvian Cajon drums. There’s a snare at the top and low bass sound around the middle. These drums also can be used as seats.

Music is found in all corners of the earth. It inspires and connects people. To young kids, singing, dancing and playing music comes naturally. It only makes sense to create a space for them to compose their own music here at the museum.

Through musical play, kids not only have fun, but they also are exposed to rhythmic patterns and counting, and build important skills like coordination, collaboration and communication.

Come check out this new space when you’re here and turn up the volume on your family’s playtime.

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