Milk Carton Bird Feeder

Have an empty milk carton on hand? Spark some creativity and fun – and put it to good use – by creating a DIY bird feeder. It’s easy.

Here’s what you’ll do:

1)     Cut out a “window” on one or two sides (opposite sides) of the container. This could be a rectangle or circle, or any other shape you wish. Just make sure it’s big enough for a bird to comfortably access the bird seed.

2)     Poke a hole into the container below the cutout window and through the other side of the container. Later, you’ll poke a stick through these holes, which will serve as a perch for birds.

3)     Paint the carton with acrylic paint. (Parents. You may need to use primer on the carton first if your carton is a dark color).

4)     Once the paint is dry, decorate! (Ideas: use a glue gun to add decorations like buttons or twigs. Or draw or paint some more!)

5)     Get a twig or stick and poke it through the holes in the bottom of the bird feeder.

6)     After the decorating is complete and dry, add some bird seed to the container.

7)     Punch a hole through the top of the carton. Thread a string through the hole and tie it to tree branch.

Sit back and admire your creation – and enjoy watching the birds who use it!

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