Explore a variety of textures, sights and sounds.

For Ages: 1 to 3

What You Need

Tools and Materials

  • Storage bins or large mixing bowls
  • Spoons, funnels, measuring cups and colander
  • Dry pasta, rice or beans (avoid red kidney beans)
  • Small toys or trinkets

Safety Notes

  • Keep a close eye on small parts that could be choking hazards
  • Don’t use dry kidney beans (they can be toxic when uncooked)

What You Do

Step 1. Lay out a sheet, tablecloth or other covering (makes cleanup much easier!)
Step 2. Fill bin with dry pasta, rice or beans
Step 3. Hide fun surprises in the bin (toys or trinkets)
Step 4. Play!

What Kids Learn

  • Coordination – Developing fine motor skills
  • Communication – Hearing, using and understanding new words
  • Critical thinking – Using multiple senses to experiment and analyze outcomes

Parent Tips

  • Let your child explore freely
  • Be OK with repetition
  • Make a point of noticing HOW your child explores the materials
  • Tell your child what you notice (“I see how you used the spoon to scoop the rice.”)

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