How Will Your Family Use the New Warp Speed Tunnel?

By Blake Ward, Museum Experience Manager

There’s a new addition to the Space Race experience in our Super Awesome Adventures gallery and it’s outta this world!

Kids and their families can explore the new Warp Speed Tunnel however they choose — by zigzagging around on carpet skates, crawling, rolling, slow-mo walking, or any other way they can think up.

Let imagination be the guide

Italian children’s book author Gianni Rodari once said, “Reality can be entered through the main door or it can be slipped into through a window, which is much more fun.”

There are infinite ways visitors can explore the Warp Speed Tunnel and we at the Museum can’t wait to see the different paths kids take. We wonder:

  • Will they don a jacket and a pair of skates and whiz through the tunnel toward unexplored planets?
  • Will they encounter other life forms and make them their friends?
  • Will the new tunnel become an uncharted space cave ready to be explored?

Three ways you can support the play

Powerful play nurtures skills children need to thrive at home, in school and everywhere else. Here are a few easy ways you can make play even more powerful:

  • Make some observations
  • Ask questions
  • Follow the child’s lead

Example: “I’m noticing you are putting on a race jacket, where are we going off to today? To Mars?! Alright how do we get there?”

No matter how your family chooses to play in the Warp Speed Tunnel, kids are sure to build coordination and creative thinking skills and more while having tons of fun.

Show us on social media how your family uses the Warp Speed Tunnel. Use hashtag #playmoremn

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