Growing and Retaining Our Area’s Work Force Talent

By John Eischen, Executive Director Rochester Area Builders

Community assets like the Minnesota Children’s Museum of Rochester are often applauded for the vital role they play in making cities more vibrant and presenting residents and visitors with more options for activities, events, and “things to do.”

But museums do more than entertain. They inspire, educate, and offer unique contributions to the future of our growing region.

Museums are a critical addition to our nation’s educational infrastructure. Youth learn differently today, and museums complement traditional education by offering hands-on, experiential learning opportunities. In fact, more than 1,400 students visit the Children’s
Museum in Rochester each year as part of a school-sanctioned trip.

Museums also attract workforce and create jobs, making communities more desirable for employers. Today’s youth are tomorrow’s workforce, and places like the Minnesota Children’s Museum of Rochester provide a safe and inviting space for them to gain exposure to the possibilities that exist for their future careers. By encouraging thought-provoking exploration,
these anchoring institutions can help us retain future talent to meet the demands of our
growing workforce.

I encourage you to step up in support of the Minnesota Children’s Museum of Rochester. Visit the museum, reach out to your city council member, make a donation to the museum. This important resource makes our community a better place to live, work, learn, and play – for everyone.

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