Federal Funding for Museums Makes Minnesota a Better Place


Vice President | External Relations

Ever heard of the Institute of Museum and Library Services?

That’s OK if you haven’t. For many people, IMLS is an unfamiliar federal agency.

Chances are, though, that your family has felt the impact of this agency’s work.

Here at Minnesota Children’s Museum, we’re concerned about a proposal to eliminate the entire budget of IMLS.

Federal funding through this agency directly affects Minnesota Children’s Museum and the audiences we serve.

Have you and your kids put your thinking to the test in our new Forces at Play exhibit? IMLS funding played a critical role in making this experience a reality.

The museum also has used federal museum funding to promote early childhood literacy via an innovative text messaging program. In addition, we’re relying on IMLS grants for programs that help parents support playful learning beyond our museum walls.

These federal grants are competitive and merit-based. They stretch us to plan and dream bigger and work at a higher level. They allow the museum to reach more families and better serve our community.

Minnesota Children’s Museum is fortunate to have a variety of funding sources, including admission and membership fees, the state of Minnesota and a base of generous corporate and individual donors. We might not be able to do everything we want to do if IMLS grants go away, but we will survive.

However, smaller organizations throughout Minnesota and those in states where cultural funding at the state level is less robust may not be so lucky.

Congress has the power to preserve IMLS and this agency’s far-reaching impact in our communities. You can help urge your representatives to save IMLS.

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