Open for Play!

Our exhibits spark children’s learning through play.
The experiences are open-ended, allowing children to explore, create and pursue their own interests.
Children build their brains and bodies during a visit to Minnesota Children’s Museum.


Wallace & Gromit™ and Shaun the Sheep™: Shear Genius!

Now Open!

Step into the worlds of Wallace & Gromit and Shaun the Sheep – 62 West Wallaby Street and Mossy Bottom Farm – to explore the contraptions, antics and escapades of Wallace, Gromit, Shaun and other familiar Aardman characters through dramatic play and interactive opportunities.

Designed for children ages 3 through 9, Wallace & Gromit™ and Shaun the Sheep™: Shear Genius! builds on problem-solving themes found throughout both shows. Components and activities throughout the exhibit encourage children to playfully solve and talk about problems in fun, engaging ways.

This all-new exhibit was developed by Minnesota Children’s Museum in partnership with Aardman.


Shipwreck Adventures

New Permanent Exhibit  Now Open!

Explore this all-new, immersive “underwater” adventure filled with action-packed challenges and imaginative spaces.

Dive deep into the waters of Lake Superior, maneuvering your way through a sunken pilot house and 20-foot-long decaying ship hull, which are based on a real-life sunken ship. Practice agility skills in the diver training area and work with teammates to move equipment to and from the dive site. Then, step out of the water to explore a whimsical interpretation of the natural landscape of Lake Superior’s North Shore, including a shoreline canopy of oversized plants and towering cliffs and coves filled with animals that call the North Shore home.

Learn more about the making of Shipwreck Adventures at

The Scramble

Make your way up two different four-story climbers and test your courage on a 40-foot high catwalk. Whirl and whoosh back down on a giant spiral slide. Socks are required.

The Studio | Target Gallery

We provide the drawing supplies and you bring the creativity! Use materials like woody pencils, art graph carbon, gel sticks and texture boards to draw your own masterpiece to take home with you.

Creativity Jam | Target Gallery

Play isn’t just for kids… it’s for adults, too! Learn about the benefits of play for all ages while playing a round of extreme ping pong, testing your trivia knowledge, relaxing with mindful activities and more.


Designed especially for toddlers, youngsters climb stairs, venture over a bridge and go down a slide before experimenting at a light table and splashing in a one-of-a-kind water table. Kids may get wet!


Get outside to check out plants, the queen ant from the previous version of Our World and a variety of sculptures made from unexpected objects.

Our World | Best Buy Gallery

Step into a pretend town with a post office, fire station, farmers market, hardware store and food stand. Kids take on new roles, try out new words, make friends and act out adventures.

Forces at Play | 3M Gallery

Spray and scrub a wacky vehicle in the car wash. Engineer your own play with ramps, tubes, balls and cars. Children build critical thinking by building and experimenting. Kids may get wet while playing. 


Star in your own space adventure. Fly a ship, crawl through tunnels and explore a satellite. Kids stretch their imaginations and build on each other’s stories.

Tip Top Terrace

Take in the sights and sounds of the city. Touch, smell and taste plants in the sensory garden. Play with light by turning a giant kaleidoscope. Paint with brushes and water.

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