Three Floors of Fun

Our exhibits spark children’s learning through play.
The experiences are open-ended, allowing children to explore, create and pursue their own interests.
Children build their brains and bodies during a visit to Minnesota Children’s Museum.

Join the Wild KrattsTeam on an Ocean Adventure!

Wild Kratts®: Ocean Adventure! immerses kids and adults in whole body explorations of ocean habitats and the fascinating creatures within them.

Using Wild Kratts technology and the powers of science and teamwork, visitors join the Wild Kratts team to solve problems, help animals and foil the villains’ nefarious plans. Through an inquiry-based approach, young learners will explore age-appropriate science concepts central to marine animals’ lives.

Activate your creature powers:

  • Miniaturize in a tidal pool
  • Crawl through an anemone
  • Hunt for lunch like a lobster
  • Create your own dolphin name
  • Roll up your sleeves, and get to work at a shark cleaning station
  • Hunt like a dragonfish in the dark depths of the sea
  • Hang out at the “tot spot” — a space specifically for children under 3 years of age.
  • Explore the creatures of the ocean floor — and more!

This exhibit was produced and designed by the Minnesota Children’s Museum in collaboration with Kratt Brothers Company, creators of the PBS Kids series Wild Kratts®.

Wild Kratts Sneak Peek: Join us for a members-only sneak peek of the Wild Kratts exhibit on Friday, Sept. 25, all day. Make your reservations here.

Members-Only Hours: Enjoy members-only time at the museum and explore the new exhibit on Sunday, Sept. 27, from 3 to 5 p.m. Make your reservations here.

Our World | Best Buy Gallery

Step into a pretend town with a post office, fire station, farmers market, hardware store and food stand. Kids take on new roles, try out new words, make friends and act out adventures.

The Studio | Target Gallery

Express your thoughts and feelings through drawing and other art in this maker studio. Create a journal or make a booklet with various materials. In The Studio, kids and adults grow their creative thinking.

Creativity Jam | Target Gallery

Get creative with big and delightful blocks. The colorful interlocking pieces offer endless possibilities of large-scale creations. Children and adults show off their creative thinking.


Designed especially for toddlers, youngsters climb stairs, venture over a bridge and go down a slide. Toddlers love experimenting at a light table and they delight in manipulating water at a one-of-a-kind water table.

The Landing

Try out oversized games and activities, including a three-dimensional version of Twister and Minnesota-themed Battle Boats. Kids build lifelong learning skills: critical and creative thinking, coordination, and communication.


Get outside to check out plants, the queen ant from the previous version of Our World and a variety of sculptures made from unexpected objects.

Forces at Play | 3M Gallery

Spray and scrub a wacky vehicle in the car wash. Engineer your own play with ramps, tubes, balls and cars. Children build critical thinking by building and experimenting.

Super Awesome Adventures

Sneak your way through a laser maze. Try out the green-screen climbing wall. Snake your way through a tunnel on stilts. Kids tell stories, create adventures and build large motor skills.


Star in your own space adventure. Fly a ship, crawl through tunnels and explore a satellite. Kids stretch their imaginations and build on each other’s stories.

Ball-o-Rama | Special Exhibit Gallery

Race, roll and have a ball playing with energy and motion. Test out gravity and friction with balls, loops and ramps. Kids nurture critical thinking and learn to collaborate as they figure out why and how the balls react the way they do.

Tip Top Terrace

Take in the sights and sounds of the city.Touch, smell and taste plants in the sensory garden. Play with light by turning a giant kaleidoscope. Paint with brushes and water.

Temporarily Closed or Removed

As part of the museum’s health and safety precautions, some experiences have been removed or modified.

  • The Scramble – Two climbing towers and corkscrew slide
  • Paint Your Own Face in the Martha MacMillan Atrium
  • Ball launchers in Forces at Play
  • Costumes in Our World and Imaginopolis

Upcoming Exhibits

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