Cosmic Junkyard Coming to Imaginopolis

Get ready for an out of this world experience! Imaginopolis is turning into a cosmic junkyard, giving visitors a chance to play, build and create their own stories using materials that look like cosmic debris while surrounded by the sights and sounds of space.

Visitors will move past solar panels or crawl through a “black hole” tunnel to enter the exhibit. Walls will be painted black and stars and planets will appear around them. Featured elements will include:

  • Space Satellite– A large “space satellite” will sit in the middle of the room. The Satellite looks as if pieces are missing. Visitors will use tubes, hoses and pvc pipes to complete or add to the structure.
  • The Bridge– Visitors can climb into a broken “space hatch” and find buttons and switches to use. The window will be covered with a vinyl that creates the illusion of flying through space.
  • Com Room – In this area, kids can connect tubes and plugs that will light up a tunnel. They will also discover a decoder they can use to uncover alien messages throughout the exhibit.
  • Cosmic Debris– Around the room, visitors will find a variety of space objects they can use to build throughout the exhibit. Materials include solar panels, gloves, camera, foil blankets, pieces of space stations, white tubes and jugs.

Imaginopolis will be closed from Feb. 19 through March 1 for this change over. Then, it’s 3…2…1… blast off into a space adventure.

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