There’s More to the Daniel Tiger Exhibit Than Just Fun

Since January, kids and families have been spending time together and having fun exploring Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: A Grr-ific Exhibit. But, did you know that activities in the exhibit encourage the development of important social-emotional skills?

Building Lifelong Skills

Through areas focused on imaginative play, communications and emotions, tinkering and community, the exhibit provides a place where kids can build skills they need to thrive in school and in life. Here are just a few examples:

  • Creative Thinking. In the Music Shop, kids experiment with different kinds of sounds and use instruments to explore and create music. Through play in this area, kids learn to create enjoyment for themselves and others, see new or different possibilities and respond to one another’s prompts.
  • Communication. Thank You Tree encourages kids to have an attitude of gratitude and communicate that gratitude by thanking someone who has done something special for them. Kids write a note, draw a picture or tell an adult what they would like written on the card. They then hang the card on the tree.
  • Collaboration. At the Clock Factory, kids connect with others and work together to discover what makes the clock begin to tick. They often need to leverage grit and determination to persist when things get tough to come to a conclusion.
  • Coordination. Kids choose a vehicle to wear to “drive” around the Neighborhood. They also use push trolleys to work on accuracy, balance and large movements.

The Exhibit Is in Its Final Stretch

Hurry to the Neighborhood! The exhibit is open through May 13, 2018. Come say hello before Daniel Tiger moves on to his next adventure!

The Daniel Tiger exhibit was made at possible at Minnesota Children’s Museum by the generous support of Thrivent Mutual Funds. It was created by Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh in partnership with The Fred Rogers Company.

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