Healthy Food at the Museum (But You Can’t Eat It!)

by | Nov 11, 2015 | Archive

Yes! We’re talking carrots, but…

Have you dined recently in Mini Our World? Gone are the plastic foods! We’re updating this favorite exhibit with something more sustainable. What that means for us are toys that will stand the test of thousands of kids at play: We found the answer in new felt food!

Handmade Wool Felt

Due to its breakability and short life-span, we’re following the trend away from wood and plastic toys. Wood toys splinter and chip after repeated play in the Museum. With so many visitors, we want to offer the best possible playthings. Unlike the felt that you would buy at a craft store, we make our extra-durable felt right here at Minnesota Children’s Museum from wool. “Because we’ve got so many kids, even when kids are being lovely and gentle, a lot of damage happens fairly regularly,” said Exhibit Prop Specialist Lisa Conley. “So we needed something stronger than your average felt to last in the exhibits.”

Food We All Eat

You won’t just find your run-of-the-mill PB&J either. In preparation for the food truck that will be available once Our World reopens, we have created types of food from different ethnic cuisines. “We knew we wanted to have that variety and the ability for kids to actually make the food as opposed to just having it,” said Conley.

Come visit us in Mini Our World and let’s get cooking!

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