“Let’s Play!” Signs Promote the Amazing Power of Play

Bob Ingrassia, VP of External Relations

19 August 2016

It’s no surprise that we’re huge fans of play here at Minnesota Children’s Museum.
We especially love seeing children get the time, space and freedom to explore, without feeling they need to do things a certain way or achieve a specific outcome.

When children play like this, they learn to think creatively, analyze problems, tackle challenges, speak and listen, work as part of a team and more. No wonder we’ve taken to calling this type of child-directed, open-ended fun “powerful play.”

As we expand and renovate our museum in downtown St. Paul, we’re working to create experiences that spark powerful play – activities that get children thinking and moving, pursuing their own interests and, of course, having tons of fun.

We especially love seeing children get the time, space and freedom to explore

We’re also launching an effort called “Let’s Play!” as a way to spread the word about the importance of play and share information about what parents and other caregivers can do to help make child’s play even more powerful.

We’ll post information on our website and in our social media channels. We’re also putting up signs and other messages in our new exhibits, starting with Forces at Play in the 3M Gallery, which opens Aug. 27.

In the coming months, look for the “Let’s Play!” medallion online and in Forces at Play. You’ll see messages that we hope will get you thinking about the power of play and trying out some ways to enhance the learning that happens in the museum and beyond.

Here’s a look at some of the messages in Forces at Play:

In Forces at Play, you’ll take command of air and water power, testing out concepts in science and engineering along the way. You’ll build ball-launching gizmos, crank up a bubble engine and get busy in what we think is the wackiest car wash ever. All the activities will put your ingenuity to the test.

Our signs will highlight the critical thinking that’s happening in this exhibit. As with all our upcoming new galleries, we’re trying to highlight the value of giving kids the opportunity to figure out things for themselves, set up their own challenges and cope with setbacks.

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