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We want to ensure all families feel welcome at Minnesota Children’s Museum and we strive to make the museum accessible and safe for all members of our community. We understand that, sometimes, extra support can help kids fully participate. To make that happen, we’ve developed resources to help foster full inclusion at the museum.

Tips for Your Visit

Wheelchair Accessibility: Every exhibit in the museum is designed to be wheelchair accessible.

Calmer Times at the Museum: The museum is quietest early in the morning, Friday and Saturday evenings, Tuesdays (no school groups), and on days when the weather is nice.

Visual Stimulation: Imaginopolis, Sprouts, Tip Top Terrace, and the reading areas have some of the lowest visual stimulation levels in the museum.

Break Rooms: Small, quiet break rooms with low levels of visual stimulation are located on the first floor near Super Awesome Adventures and on the second floor in Sprouts. Use these to take breaks with your child.

Easy Entrance and Exit: If driving, park on the third floor of the World Trade Center ramp for the easiest way to enter/exit the museum. It has skyway access to the museum’s box office. You can avoid using stairs/elevators in the ramp by parking on the fourth floor and following “exit” signs to the third floor.

Resources Available

Social Stories: Download and read these social stories with your family at home to get ready for your visit.

Visual Schedules: Check out visual schedules from the box office to help with transitions and planning. Our customizable visual schedules include pictures of each exhibit, as well as transitional activities like the bathroom, café and gift shop. There are two formats:

  • Checklist: Assemble the photos in order down the vertical checklist. Kids can stick a green check mark next to each photo once the corresponding activity is completed!
  • Timeline: This version allows you to place larger photos of each exhibit and activity in a horizontal format.

Choice Board: Stick options on the sheet and let your child select which one they would like to do next.

Visual Timers: Check out a timer at the box office, so your child knows when it is time to transition to the next activity.

Noise-Reducing Headphones: Available for check out at the box office.

Universal Cuffs: Available for check out at the box office.

Special thanks to disability and inclusion expert, Amy Gunty, from the University of Minnesota for her dedication, guidance and partnership in developing these resources and information.

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