What Is #PlayMoreMN All About?

by | Oct 6, 2015 | Archive, The Power of Play

Play can transformEver feel in your gut that we’re putting kids under too much pressure these days?

Hurry up or we’ll be late. Did you practice today? Where’s that assignment you’re supposed to turn in? Pay attention or you’ll never learn. Not now.

At Minnesota Children’s Museum, we’re coming out in favor giving kids time and space to explore, experiment, do their own thing, goof off and make a mess. We want kids (and adults) to play more.

The key point is that play is more than “just fun.” It’s how kids learn the key skills they’ll need to succeed in life. Critical thinking, communication, creativity, coordination and more. We call these important proficiencies the 7C’s. Pretty convenient that they all start with the letter C, eh?

What’s unfortunate is that the time kids spend playing is on the decline — down an average of eight hours per week since the 1980s. That means children growing up today are spending less time doing the very things that will make their lives happier, more fulfilling and more rewarding — now and into the future.

Play is powerful!

That’s why we’re coming out with a simple but important message: Play more. In fact, the Museum recently adopted a new vision statement that says this in a straightforward way: “Kids play more. Adults do, too. We thrive as a happier, healthier and more innovative community through the radiant power of play.”

The #PlayMoreMN movement kicked off Oct. 7 with “Minnesota’s Day of Play.” We asked everyone to make a point of doing something fun, creative or surprising and share with the hashtag #PlayMoreMN.

The Day of Play coincided with groundbreaking on the Museum’s expansion and renovation project in downtown St. Paul. We’re re-imagining all of our galleries and adding new visitor amenities. More than ever before, our new experiences will focus on open-ended, imaginative activities led by kids.

We’re giving Minnesota more room to play. We hope you join us. Together we can unleash the power of play.

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