Warm Hearts with Window Art

Across the globe, kids and families are decorating their windows with hearts, rainbows and other art to spread messages of love and hope. Of course, using window paint or taping cut out construction paper hearts are great ways to decorate windows. Here are other ideas you can try at home and then hang in your windows.

Heart Projects

  • Tie-dye hearts. If you have coffee filters around, this is an easy and fun activity. Fold a coffee filter in half and cut out a heart. Have your child draw on it with maker, then drip water on the filter. The colors will run and you’ll get a tie-dye effect. Get the details.
  • Stamp hearts with cardboard tubes. Shape the ends of empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls into a heart and then rubber band it to keep in place. Dip the heart-shaped end into paint and then stamp away on a piece of cardstock. Learn more.
  • Felt hearts mobile. If you have a kid who loves to sew, have them make a felt hearts mobile using felt, embroidery thread and needle and markers. Get all the details and instructions.

Rainbow Art

  • Construction paper rainbow and cloud. Cut out a cloud from white paper. Feel free to draw a face on the cloud or decorate it in any way you choose. Then cut out long strips of construction paper using the colors of the rainbow. Attached the strips to the backside of the cloud using a glue stick. Let dry and then hang! Learn more.
  • Tissue paper rainbow. Cut a paper plate in half and use that as your base for a rainbow. Then cut colored tissue paper into smaller pieces and crumple them up. Glue each piece of tissue paper onto the paper plate in the order of a rainbow. See a video on this project.
  • Handprint rainbow. If you’re ok with a little mess, let your child paint their own hand with the colors of the rainbow and then press their hand on a piece of paper. Repeat several times in the shape of an arch to create a memorable handprint rainbow. Check it out here.
  • Cotton ball and paint rainbow. Instead of paintbrushes, paint with cotton balls. Dip a cotton ball into paint and then dap the paint on a piece of white paper to create a rainbow that has a dot art effect. Get the details.

Check out a new story from children’s author and illustrator Deana Sobel Lederman called Noah Henry: A Rainbow Parade on Deana’s YouTube channel.

Teddy Bear Hunt

Putting a teddy bear in your window is another way neighbors are connecting with each other and making a fun scavenger hunt for kids as they go on walks around the neighborhood. Look around your neighborhood. Can you spot any? If not, maybe you can be the first one to get teddy bear scavenger hunt started!

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