Water Connections, Energy Fun House and Power Up!


Water Connections

Where does the water gushing out of your kitchen faucet come from (originate)? Where does it go after it disappears down the drain? Is rainwater from storms ever cleaned after landing on our streets?

Follow streams of light to find the paths that water takes as it flows into your home, down your street and through Rochester!


Conserve & Save Energy Fun House

Enter this model house with a handful of “power chips” and learn about your home’s energy. It’s electric; it’s heat; it’s light, and it’s even a bit ghostly!

The Energy Fun House explores the world of energy with hands-on exhibits and realistic comparisons for visitors young and old. Plug in power chips to discover which light bulbs are energy-savers. Discover the most power-hungry appliance in your house. Ride the Energy Star bike. Then hunt for “phantom power.” (Yes, it’s a real phenomenon!)

The Energy Fun House also focuses on conservation with displays of water heaters and descriptions of energy-efficient and energy-leaking windows.


Can You Power the City?

For every watt of electricity that is used in our electrical grid, some type of generator, such as a power plant or wind turbine or solar panel, is producing another watt.

Picture this. It’s a hot summer day in Rochester, and air conditioners are running across town. You and a friend or two can control a coal-fired power plant, solar panels, a hydroelectric dam and a wind turbine. They may – or may not – be energetic enough to keep the lights on in the houses of our miniature city!

How much can some common conservation measures help?

Try your power-generating hand at this simulation at Minnesota Children’s Museum Rochester. It’s one of three new exhibits from Rochester Public Utilities that are opening in mid-January.

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