September 27th– January 2018   

It’s a rolling, looping, spinning race to the finish in Ball-o-rama™!, where children will learn early physics concepts using interactive hands-on experimentation. This exhibit invites children and adults to explore velocity, gravity, friction and more by sending balls on a looping rolling race to the finish.

Get ready to race, roll and have a ball playing with energy and motion in Ball-o-Rama™

  • Understand how declines and inclines impact speed, momentum and gravity at The Ski Jump.
  • Explore acceleration and gravity through loops and twirls at The Spiral.
  • Race to the finish and view energy in motion at The Loop-the-Loop.
  • Design ramps and bumpers to set up a hole-in-one during a round of mini-golf at Bank On It.

Ball-o-rama is produced by Minnesota Children’s Museum, adapted from designs created by Boston Children’s Museum, with support from the National Science Foundation and sponsored locally by Somerby Golf Club

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