Earth World at St. Paul

Discover Minnesota’s Unique Habitats Up Close

Become an ant in the anthill and experience life in a society where existence relies on teamwork.

Let imagination and fun collide in this immersive exhibit that highlights Minnesota’s forest, prairie, and wetland environments, and the animals within them. In Earth World children play socially while promoting empathy for the natural world.

This is just one of the many ways children can grow skills that benefit them in the anthill of life.

What do you see in Earth World?

Share your photos when you see confidence, collaboration, communication (or just a cute one for Grandma) of Earth World with the #PlayatMCM and #MCMEarthWorld hashtags.

Lifelong Learning from Play

Playing in Earth World contributes to the development of essential lifelong skills — see the photos to the right and click on each to learn about the powers of play.


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