The Art of Face Painting

By Naved Baysudee

When exploring the world around them, kids learn naturally when they’re given the time and space to explore freely. One of the museum’s most popular activities – Paint Your Own Face – provides such freedom and empowers kids to build creative thinking and social skills, confidence and coordination while they doodle, draw, color and create masterpieces on their own faces.

With tons of colors to choose from and no suggested end results or instructions, the possibilities are endless. Kids can explore, experiment and tap into their imaginations in this activity.

By doing this activity themselves and creating something unique to them, children build confidence. They also work on their fine motor skills and even some social skills as they comment on other visitors’ designs and even paint each other’s faces.

At home, kids are often told it’s a no-no to draw on or paint their faces as parents fear a mess or safety issues. However, in a safe and controlled environment, like at Minnesota Children’s Museum, painting your own face is a must! In fact, it’s tough to find a kid in the museum that doesn’t have paint on their face.

We want to thank Bremer Bank for sponsoring and advocating for such a fun activity!

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