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The COVID-19 crisis has put financial strain on Minnesota Children’s Museum. We are a nonprofit organization that relies on ticket sales, membership income and other sources of funds to survive. We urgently need financial support.


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Why Support Us

We have been a vital resource in our community since 1981, and with your help we will continue to fill a critical need for children.

If you able to support us, your contribution will help Minnesota Children’s Museum rebound.

We know many families are struggling financially during this crisis, but together we will continue to bring joy and playful learning to families and children in our community.

A Message from Our President

We need your help. The museum’s closure puts us in a dire financial situation. This closure comes during our busiest season, making the impact all the more severe.

We have taken immediate steps to put the organization in the best position to be able to re-open when it’s safe to do so. These measures have been heartbreaking and there are no guarantees it will be enough without support from our community.

If you’re able, please help us preserve the museum. We remain hopeful that together we can continue sparking children’s learning through play for many more years to come.

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By making a gift today, you’re helping to spark children’s learning through play for many more years to come.
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