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We are looking for volunteers interested in contributing their professional skills to help support our work.

Priority Projects are in the following areas:


Falling under the umbrella of the museum’s Diversity and Inclusion project, the museum seeks human resource professionals with knowledge of the recruitment and the talent acquisition process. Ideal volunteers will knowledge of have culturally competent selection processes and inclusive best practices.


Minnesota Children’s Museum has periodic need for evaluation of our experiences, exhibits and initiatives. We are looking for individuals experienced in survey development, data collection, analysis and/or reporting to help with projects as they arise.


The Museum has opportunities for volunteers skilled in IT, specifically SharePoint set up, and video. There are opportunities to support a variety of ongoing to project specific opportunities.


We would be interested in ideas you may have that we haven’t thought of. Submit your own idea for a skills-based project.

What We Offer.
Our Values.

Community members sharing their skills and talents strengthens the museum’s impact in making a happier, healthier and more innovative community through the radiant power of play!

Minnesota Children’s Museum is the first museum in the nation to receive the Service Enterprise certification. This means that we effectively engage volunteers across all levels of the organization while employing best practices in volunteer management. What does this mean for you as a skilled volunteer? You will have a high quality experience while volunteering with us.  

The Museum is a fun and playful environment! Our skilled volunteer projects allow you to make a positive impact on the museum while supporting our mission of sparking children’s learning through play. Most projects have the option of flexible scheduling and remote work because we know you are a busy professional.

  • 80% AWESOME FUN PEOPLE   80% 80%
  • 2% STRESS -2% -2%

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