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Four-Story Climber, Giant Spiral Slide, 40-Foot High Catwalk

What Kids Do

  • Pop, weave, climb up two different four-story towers
  • Whirl and whoosh down a spiral slide (don’t worry the floor is a giant, safe landing mat)
  • Test their courage on a netted catwalk high above

Fun Fact! The giant slide was made in Germany. It was shipped in sections and installed from the top down.

Know Before You Go

  • No shoes allowed, but socks are required – it’s a safety thing!
  • Best for ages 5 and up (but you be the judge of your child’s capabilities)
  • Have younger kids? There’s a tot-sized adventure under the nearby staircase

Skills Kids Build

  • Coordination → Grasping, pulling, holding, reaching and climbing
  • Confidence → Taking responsible risks and reaching goals (building grit through bumps and bruises/climbing to new heights)
  • Self-Control → Choosing their path and picking their route to whatever height they want

How to Support Your Child

  • Cheer on a child’s bold attempts
  • Embrace repetition (hearing “Again! Again!” is a good thing)
  • Notice them building confidence and taking on new challenges
  • Give it a try yourself — you’re showing a playful mindset (plus, it’s a great workout!)

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