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Sensory Play Space for Babies and Toddlers

For ages 3 and under

What Kids Do

  • Dribble, pour, fill and dump water through tubes and whirligigs
  • Courageously conquer toddler-sized ramps, stairs and slide
  • Experiment with shapes and colors on a light table
  • Investigate tiny doors and drawers

Know Before You Go

  • Getting Wet – Kid-sized raincoats are available at the water table, but visitors may get wet! Be prepared – bring an extra set of clothes
  • Rest & Recharge – The gallery includes a rest area with sofa, table, sink and microwave
  • Private Space – A comfort room is available for nursing or taking a break

Skills Kids Build

  • Critical Thinking → Exploring and experimenting like the natural scientists they are
  • Self-Control → Navigating through various levels and spaces and adapting to new experiences
  • Collaboration → Playing with others and being aware of those around them

How to Support Your Child

  • Embrace repetition — it’s how children build confidence and master their world
  • Take time to notice how simple actions lead to complex learning
  • Cheer on your child’s bold attempts at new (and familiar) experiences – watch those milestones unfold before your eyes
  • Look for fun and humorous surprises (hint: open the little door at adult height)

Our Exhibits!

The Scramble

Forces at Play

Super Awesome Adventures


Creativity Jam


The Studio

Our World

Tip Top Terrace (Seasonal)

The Backyard (Seasonal)

Clean Water Land & Legacy Amendment logoOur exhibits are funded in part with money from the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund that was created with the vote of the people of Minnesota on November 4, 2008.

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