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Imaginative Play Space

Now Featuring: Cosmic Junkyard

What Kids Do

  • Crawl through a “black hole” to enter the gallery
  • Build onto a space satellite using tubes, hoses and panels
  • Be an astronaut or alien at the console of a spaceship bridge
  • Decode alien messages throughout the gallery
  • Update the captain’s log

Skills Kids Build

  • Self-Control → Adapting to the unusual, ever-changing physical space
  • Creative Thinking → Using imagination to build something new and author their own story
  • Collaboration → Drawing others into their play and building onto others’ stories
  • Communication → Sharing their imaginary world with others

How to Support Your Child

  • Give your child time to explore and imagine the possibilities of the space
  • Join their adventure without taking over. Try improvising (“yes, and…”)
  • Notice your child showing self-control — adapting to new situations, coping with surprises and staying focused
  • What do you do here? Let your child show you!

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