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A Natural World with a Twist

What Kids Do

  • Greet small and large animal art sculptures
  • Pretend to be a creature in an oversized nest
  • Climb through and on tires, tunnels and tree stumps
  • Explore and care for the natural world
  • Hide out in a thicket

Fun Fact! The Queen Ant from the ant hill in the retired Earth World exhibit now lives in The Backyard.

Skills Kids Build

  • Creative Thinking → Being inquisitive and open-minded about the possibilities of the space
  • Critical Thinking → Drawing conclusions from their discoveries (whose home is this?)
  • Self-Control → Acting responsibly and being conscientious of how to care for our world
  • Coordination → Climbing, jumping, running and more


How to Support Your Child

  • Let kids lead the way
  • Look for their natural curiosities and openness
  • Ask questions to encourage storytelling
  • Join in the play and be curious, too!

Our Exhibits!

The Scramble

Forces at Play

Super Awesome Adventures


Creativity Jam


The Studio

Our World

Tip Top Terrace (Seasonal)

The Backyard (Seasonal)

Clean Water Land & Legacy Amendment logoOur exhibits are funded in part with money from the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund that was created with the vote of the people of Minnesota on November 4, 2008.

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