Play Team,
one of the best decisions
I´ve ever made.


I remember my first day as a Play Team volunteer, about 2 years ago. As a scrawny little teen just out of freshman year, I was a little nervous, but also excited for a day full of interactions with adorable kids. With the help of experienced volunteers, I was able to make it through my first day successfully. By the end of my shift, I was exhausted but satisfied. Knowing that I had helped improve the experience of so many young visitors who came seeking adventure and imagination was truly fulfilling.

Play Team members have such an important role at the museum. We create a wholesome experience for the hundreds of kids who visit every day. We nurture their love for learning and play, and teach them the value of the Powers of Play — Creative thinking, Critical thinking, self-Control, Confidence, Collaboration, Communication, and Coordination. These are crucial skills that come in handy no matter how old we get. Someday, the very same kids who visited Minnesota Children´s Museum will grow up and help run the world. Knowing that I´ve helped even a tiny fraction of the world´s future leaders develop important qualities is so gratifying.

In addition to helping young children learn and grow, I have developed important skills myself. Over my two years as a volunteer, I´ve improved at communication, teamwork, and leadership. I have been able to meet tons of other volunteers from all over the Twin Cities and give back to the community. It is an opportunity I will always be grateful for.

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