Play Team is like a family that keeps growing


Play Team Intern

I have been with the Minnesota Children’s Museum for 4 summers, since the summer of 2014. I started when I was an 8th grader, going into my freshman year of high school. When I first started at the museum, I was very quiet. I did not like talking to other volunteers because they were all older than me and they got along well. I was also not very good at interacting with little kids. But as time went by, I got more comfortable playing and interacting with the visitors.

When summer of 2014 ended, I was asked to become a Play Team Leader. A Play Team Leader is someone who is used to the museum enough to help new volunteers if they need any help. But as a Play Team Leader, I felt that I needed to interact and communicate more with the Play Team. It felt great to actually have a better connection with them than be shy.

I love the museum. I like how colorful it is, and the atmosphere of it. I also love to see kids play, so it’s always great to see them play. It’s also fun to have actual conversations with them because you can play with them and their parents appreciate it, most of the time. Sometimes the kids will just come up to you and say something random or show you something. But I love the overall feel of the museum.

Play Team is like a family that keeps growing. Throughout the years, I have met very funny and down to earth people. I do not regret spending over 800 hours at the museum. Because of Play Team, I was able to improve my communication skills and meet new people. And because of all the Play Team’s hard work, we are able to have flexible members and members who are always positive. Thanks to all the volunteers who have been with the museum!

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