Play Boosts Innovation!

Do you remember transforming into your favorite superhero as a child to save the day or draping blankets across the living room to build forts? Well research links pretend play now to future innovative thinkers.

In a Washington Post article, writer Dominic Basulto says, “by engaging in pretend play, parents encourage imagination, abstract thinking and the ability to grasp new relationships between objects”.

What about that smartphone or iPad? Well, digital technology, can be useful for literal education like recognition of shapes and letters, and making very linear connections for which there are precise answers to questions. But, “…there’s simply no computer in the world that’s better than a parent at helping their toddlers grow up to be innovative thinkers” says Basulto.

So, be silly with your kids, engage in make-believe fun, build the next million-dollar mansion out of blocks, prance around the yard with a branch like a cowboy/girl and don’t be afraid to embarrass yourself walking like a duck; “play is the key to creative minds” — so, on your mark, get set, PLAY!

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