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Focus on the Process

A fan, a kite, a pulley and an egg all play a role in blowing up a balloon. In this case, as in much of life, the process is more interesting than the outcome.

When a child acts out a story, paints a picture or tackles a new puzzle, she is exploring. The learning and growth happens in the doing, not in the arriving.

When you as a parent see joy in the journey and express delight in the process, you are helping a child learn to think critically, act independently and solve problems.

Try This…

Talk about HOW a child is doing something, not just WHAT they’re trying to do

Like This…

“I see how you stacked the little blocks on top of the big ones to build a tower.”
“I noticed you connected the tubes to get the ball to roll down.”
“I see how you mixed the colors to create a shadow.”

Try This…

Ask open-ended questions to reveal and extend a child’s thinking

Like This…

“How did you decide to do that?”
“What have you tried so far?”
“What do you think will happen next?”

#ParentingWin: Simple Ways to Raise Happier, Healthier Kids

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