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Embrace Repetition

Makeshift instruments start doing their own thing, knocking out their own rhythm. They stick with it, each contributing in their own way.

There is no right or wrong way. Each instrument simply repeats two or three different bars of music until they find their favorite arrangement.

Repetition has power. It’s how kids (and adults) build their confidence, develop their bodies and master their world.

Next time you’re standing on a playground hearing “Again!” for the 93rd time, just remember that repetition has power. Repetition has power. Repetition has power…

Try This…

  • Remember that hearing “Again! Again!” is a good thing – repetition breeds confidence.
  • Think about WHY a child is so into a particular activity. What about it is so fascinating?
  • Look for adjustments a child makes each time they repeat an activity

#ParentingWin: Simple Ways to Raise Happier, Healthier Kids

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