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Minnesota Children’s Museum is recognized as a leading producer of exhibit rentals that are educationally solid, beautifully designed, expertly produced and conscientiously maintained while on tour. With over 35 years of experience and the largest collection of children’s traveling exhibits on the road, we take great care in providing rich content within irresistible environments. We partner with your educational attraction to share highly immersive and educational exhibits that boost attendance, spark curiosity, and activate learning.

Curious George ExhibitAll of our exhibits include:

  • top-notch educational, marketing and installation materials
  • graphics are presented in English and Spanish
  • responsive support from experienced staff

Many of our exhibits include:

  • collapsible carts
  • character costumes
  • inflatables

As you explore each exhibit, you will find descriptions, photos, videos, and downloadable materials that are easy to share with your staff. Download an informational brochure about all our exhibits. You can also find out about availability here. We enjoy the opportunity to discuss our exhibits with you. Please call Amber Stevenson, Traveling Exhibits Manager at 651-225-6053 or contact us for more information or to reserve your spot!

Traveling Exhibits

Now Booking: Wild Kratts Launches in 2019

Minnesota Children’s Museum and the creators of the PBS Kids series Wild Kratts® are joining forces on an immersive new exhibit in which kids will use their brains and teamwork to rescue animals and foil villains.

Thomas & Friends™: Explore the Rails

Welcome to the Island of Sodor! In Thomas & Friends™: Explore the Rails, visitors find themselves surrounded by the island’s iconic locations, including Knapford Station and the Sodor Steamworks. Visitors climb aboard a large model of Thomas The Tank Engine and help him be a “Really Useful Engine.” Children race trains along a giant track, and work together to sort and load cargo to maintain engines.

Size: 1,500-2,500 square feet
Content: science, technology, engineering, math

Curious George™: Let's Get Curious!

Letting curiosity and inquiry be their guides, visitors explore familiar buildings and locales from the Curious George™ book series and television show on PBS KIDS in Curious George™: Let’s Get Curious! The exhibit presents key concepts in science, math and engineering, which are woven and layered throughout the exhibit.
Size: 2,500 or 1,500 square feet
Content: science, technology, engineering, math

Dinosaurs: Land of Fire and Ice™

NEW OPENING: FALL 2017 – Rare Discount Opportunity
Crossing the threshold of this exhibit means traveling back in time to explore the Age of the Dinosaurs! As visitors move through the exhibit, they encounter unfamiliar landscapes, touchable dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes, and opportunities to investigate clues about what the dinosaurs left behind. This exhibit builds on the popular fascination with dinosaurs and includes science activities to challenge all ages.

Size: 1,500 – 2,500 square feet
Content: paleontology, geography, scientific inquiry, life science

Adventures with Clifford The Big Red Dog™

Climb aboard the ferry and listen to seagulls as you approach Birdwell Island. Upon arrival, visitors are greeted by a colossal nine-foot high Clifford with a tail to slide down. While visiting, children can work together to fill Clifford’s big dog bowl and gain self-confidence on stage with Clifford and his pals.
Size: 2,500 or 1,500 square feet
Content: social-emotional development

Storyland: A Trip Through Childhood Favorites™

From the gardens of The Tale of Peter Rabbit to the urban snowscape of The Snowy Day, Storyland draws visitors into 3-D early literacy adventures in environments based on seven beloved books. Storyland guides visitors to the discovery that it is never too early to begin the love of reading, and provides adults with tools for cultivating literacy through everyday activities.

Size: 1,500 or 500 square feet
Content: early literacy

The Amazing Castle™

As visitors explore The Amazing Castle™ and its eight themed areas, they are introduced to seven storybook characters who are part of the castle community. From the carpenter to the seamstress, each character has a special role. As they move through the castle, village visitors playfully explore the interconnectedness of community members in a setting inspired by fantasy and history.

Size: 1,500 square feet
Content: imaginative play, problem-solving, economics, social studies

Run! Jump! Fly! Adventures in Action™

Featuring the theme of action adventures popular in children’s books and movies, Run! Jump! Fly! Adventures in Action™ inspires young people to get physically active. The exhibit invites visitors to step into scenes right out of action adventure stories and jump into action star training – play activities that build strength, coordination, balance and endurance. Visitors climb a canyon wall, balance on a “snow” or “surf” board, pedal “flycycles” and practice kung fu stances.

Size: 1,500 square feet
Content: physical fitness

Framed: Step into Art™

Enter the framework of famous paintings and experience art like never before in Framed: Step into Art™. This exhibit transports visitors to a world where paintings leap off the canvas and create immersive environments for visitors to explore. As visitors move through the exhibit, they are challenged to ride a giant chicken attached to a wagon, set up camp in the Canadian Rockies and prepare dinner for a group of hungry farmers.

Size: 1,500 square feet
Content: interactive art appreciation

Go Figure!™

Throughout this hands-on exhibit, five popular children’s books are brought to life in gigantic reproductions of the artists’ original illustrations. Inside each large-scale book, visitors find an attached copy of the featured book, a math based interactive relating to the book’s narrative, and tips for parents on supporting their child’s early explorations of math concepts. Exhibit components are modular and easily adapt to a variety of gallery layouts.

Size: 700 square feet
Content: math, early literacy

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