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Giving Life to Action Figures

Whether it’s giving life to action figures and stuffed animals or by simply “playing house,” pretend play allows your child to think creatively and use their imagination. Pretend play promotes development of the whole self cognitively, socially, and...

Give Your Toddler a Paring Knife? Seriously?

It can sound scary, but there’s an argument for giving young children access to real tools, including kitchen knives. So writes science writer Sujata Gupta for the The Salt, a National Public Radio blog. Gupta quotes  anthropologist David Lancy to support...

Play Boosts Innovation!

Want to know how to raise innovative kids? PLAY! Do you remember transforming into your favorite superhero as a child to save the day or draping blankets across the living room to build forts? Well research links pretend play now to future innovative...

Play and Work are Not Mutually Exclusive

Anyone who wants to get the creative juices flowing at work should quit being so serious all the time. That’s a pro tip from the CEO of Lego, the toy maker that has turned play into a business empire. Jørgen Vig Knudstorp pushes for more playful workplaces...

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