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Focused: When You Just Can’t Stop Playing!

It’s inevitable. It’s going to happen…..often. Your child will be completely engrossed in something when it is time to do something else. You kindly ask them to wrap up what they are doing, and their reaction appears as if they didn’t hear you. You remind them again. Still nothing. One final plea to finish up and this time, without even stopping what they are doing and looking up, they beg you for “5 more minutes.” As frustrating as this may be to us as parents for other reasons, this situation is also your child showing their ability to focus.

Museum Welcomes All Families for Eid Celebrations

NEWS Museum Welcomes All Families for Eid Celebrations Sara Kerr, Director Content & Communications 1 July 2016 Each year at the end of Ramadan, a day known as Eid, Muslim families around the world celebrate the breaking of their fast with a wonderful meal and a...

Play is More than “Just Fun” — It’s How Kids and Adults Learn

Minnesota Children’s Museum Rochester is taking a powerful position that says one of the keys to helping our community tackle the challenges of today and the future will come from an unlikely source – and that’s play. Raising Awareness on the Power of Play “JUMBOJenga...

Celebrate Eid al Fitr at Minnesota Children’s Museum

  Minnesota Children's Museum welcomes all Muslim families to celebrate the first day of Eid at the Museum. For Minnesota Muslims, Eid Al-Fitr marks the end of the daily fast within the holy month of Ramadan. Following special Eid prayers, families gather to...

Behind the Scenes – Forces at Play

It won’t be long before we open the first new permanent exhibit in our expanded and renovated museum in downtown St. Paul. Forces at Play in the 3M Gallery will welcome visitors in August. This exhibit will be a blast – literally. You and your kids will experiment...

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