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Interview with Dr. Xiaosheng Wu

By Eric Anderson Last week we had the distinct pleasure of discussing our new exhibit, Children of Hangzhou: Connecting with China, with Dr. Xiaosheng Wu. In addition to his research position at Mayo Clinic, Dr. Wu is the Principal of the Rochester...

Restaurants to Walk to from Minnesota Children’s Museum @ St. Paul

The kids are buckled in the car, tickets are in hand and you're all ready for a full day of bubbles, toys and giggles at the Minnesota Children's Museum. And then, just as you're about to pull away from the house, you remember you've forgotten to pack lunches! The...

“Let’s Play!” Signs Promote the Amazing Power of Play

MUSEUM NEWS “Let’s Play!” Signs Promote the Amazing Power of Play Bob Ingrassia, VP of External Relations 19 August 2016 It’s no surprise that we’re huge fans of play here at Minnesota Children’s Museum. We especially love seeing children get the time, space and...

Creativity Jam: The Best Children’s Exhibits Nationally

Creativity Jam: The Best Children’s Exhibits Nationally SARA KERR Director of Content and Communicationst Drills. Sewing machines. The curiosity cabinet. Do you remember our Creativity Jam prototype exhibit in 2014? A fabulous permanent version will return in our new...

Focused: When You Just Can’t Stop Playing!

It’s inevitable. It’s going to happen…..often. Your child will be completely engrossed in something when it is time to do something else. You kindly ask them to wrap up what they are doing, and their reaction appears as if they didn’t hear you. You remind them again. Still nothing. One final plea to finish up and this time, without even stopping what they are doing and looking up, they beg you for “5 more minutes.” As frustrating as this may be to us as parents for other reasons, this situation is also your child showing their ability to focus.

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