Playful Parenting: Bringing Play to Every Day

Playful Parenting: Bringing Play to Every Day

Parenting Tips with Katy Smith

The hardest, most joyful, most frustrating and simply the best days are often the SAME DAY.

Katy Smith gets it, and she’s here with kind words of wisdom to parents and caregivers. She’s a mom, grandma, spouse and teacher who has spent decades caring for kids and supporting their grown ups.

In this video series, Katy uses wit, humor and understanding to offer practical tips to care for kids – and yourself.

Lean into the Power of Play

It's OK When They Say "I'm Bored!"

5 Sweet Spots to Go Phone Free

Routines, Rituals and Transitions

Play Your Way to School Readiness

How to Set (and Maintain) Boundaries

Katy is a career parent educator and the 2011 Minnesota Teacher of the Year. She has spent thirty years in classrooms, big and small, supporting parents in the journey of raising their children.

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