Helping Parents Help Kids Get the Most out of Play

First the good news: When kids play, they grow and learn. Their brains develop. They figure out how to solve problems. They flex their creativity. They learn to speak, listen and understand. All of this happens naturally and automatically. That’s the power of play.

Now the even better news: You can make your child’s playtime even more powerful. It’s not hard. Your words and action will help your child reap the benefits of play — and set them up for a lifetime of happiness, health and success.

We’ve launched a new section of our website to help parents and other caregivers enhance children’s play. We hope you find the information useful and inspirational. We want to help bring a #ParentingWin or two into your day… every day!

Here’s what you’ll find in our Resources for Parents section:

Play Tips

  • Simple ways to raise happier, healthier kids
  • Fun videos to illustrate each tip

Kid-Powered Play

  • When kids lead the way, they develop creativity, critical thinking, confidence and other lifelong skills

Powers of Play Blog

  • News and information about the benefits of play

Play Research

  • Articles and studies that detail the power of play

Stay Informed

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