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Forces at Play

Opening late summer (and pictured below under construction), Forces at Play requires experimentation!

With the force of air kids push balls through tubes, pipes and hoses at targets in one end of this gallery. At the other end, graffiti won’t last long when it’s made with water!
Also featuring:

  • a tot spot,
  • a car wash,
  • tubes,
  • pumps
  • and pipes to move water from one place to another.

Kids will experiment to solve problems and think mathematically as they play with the forces of water and air!

This photo is towards the back of the Forces at Play gallery where the wet area will be.

The steel has been placed. This area will soon be fully enclosed.

The future portal (entrance) to the new Forces at Play gallery.

Workers getting the concrete prepped for pouring.

Inside the former Our World space where the new café will be.

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