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My favorite Play Team memory so far

“My favorite Play Team memory so far has been when we were playing Mafia. Sanjali was the killer, but no one thought it was her. Therefore everyone thought it was me because I was laughing so hard.” –Edward S.

“My favorite Play Team memory so far has been playing with a little girl – we played in the Sprouts room and I suggested we play “I Spy.” She was pretty good and she kept wanting to play some more.” –Yeiraldine R.V.

“My favorite Play Team memory so far has been when I was assigned to Our World… It was pretty quiet that day. There weren’t many kids around and the few that were there had been spending all their time at the fire truck section of the place. After helping a little kid out, I headed to the fire truck. I saw this little kid in the driver seat of the truck not letting anyone else have a chance to sit there. Since all the other kids were complaining, I decided to see whether or not I could help. I stood by the little kid and asked him what it would take for him to get out of the seat and let the others have a turn. He said “Play Peek-a-boo with me!” That was literally the highlight of my month, it was so adorable.” –Sagal M.

“My favorite memories of Play Team are when the kids connect with me. I also love eating lunch with everyone too.” –Maura H.

“My favorite Play Team memory so far has been when I helped a little girl find her mom in Forces at Play and her mom turned out to be my favorite teacher from middle school. We talked for a while and caught up.” –Sophie C.

“My favorite Play Team memory so far has been when I was playing with this little kid in Ball-o-rama, the travelling exhibit. We were playing golf, and he kept getting them in! He wanted to show his mom and then he asked me what his name was. His name was Elliot, and he thanked me for playing with him. He was so polite and cute, and I’m so glad that I was able to play with him for a couple minutes.” –Leila K.

“My favorite Play Team memory so far has been in Imaginopolis. I played with a little boy who was pretending to be a lion. At first he was chasing me and then I became an “elephant” and was his friend. This moment is memorable to me because I was playing with this one boy for over 20 minutes and I realized he had such a great imagination.

My second favorite Play Team memory was in the morning ice-breakers. I loved hanging out with a group of wonderful people! My favorite part was playing mafia with the group. I was the mafia for 3 times in a row and no-one realized! It was really fun.” –Sanjali S.

“My favorite Play Team memory so far has been playing with the children in the bubble station of Forces at Play. The innocent look on children’s faces as they learn how to utilize their hands to make bubbles is so cute. I love how they ask for help also when they ask to pop my bubbles as I demonstrate for them. Being able to interact with the kids and act like one myself is really fun and opens my mind on how children view the world around them. ☺ “ –Selena V.

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