Grab a roller, a metal cut out or just use your hands — things are about to get squishy in the museum’s maker space.

Clay, dough and sand are coming to The Studio in the Target Gallery. The new tools, materials and activities arrive Wednesday, Dec. 6.

You’ll get the opportunity to:
• Take up spots at workbenches and use real pottery tools to cut and shape clay
• Experiment with conductive and insulating dough (Squishy Circuits) to create simple electrical circuits
• Mold and sculpt Kinetic Sand with tools and your hands

These hands-on experiences encourage visitors to ask questions, take risks, make discoveries and stretch their understanding of everyday materials.

Visitors should take note that The Studio will be closed on Tuesday, Dec. 5, as the tools and materials are switched out.

Changes in The Studio reflect the museum’s commitment to creating fresh experiences in the new permanent exhibits that opened with the expanded museum in June. Visitors can look forward to seeing new activities in the coming months in Super Awesome Adventures, Creativity Jam in the Target Gallery and elsewhere.

In November, the open area on the 4th Floor called The Landing got a new theme. Visitors are having fun feeding worms to a giant fish, telling stories around a campfire and riding a windsurfer.

Plan your visit today!

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